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Whats the use in secrets they all end up in lyrics

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dfsaaaaaaaaa [Oct. 24th, 2004|05:08 pm]
Whats the use in secrets they all end up in lyrics
new user name:  youkillmewell_

AHAHAHA! ALRIGHT. no more posting on this thing. teehee. add my new username to your friends list.

(no subject) [Oct. 23rd, 2004|08:31 pm]
Whats the use in secrets they all end up in lyrics
[Right Now I'm |depresseddepressed]
[Jam with me |blood brothers-live at the apocolypse cabaret]

Hello. Ehhhh i dont really feel like updating but theres not else better to do than sitting in my towel in front of the computer screen doing an update. lol. hm, yesterday wen to Brian Gerk's party. no one likes him they all think the kid's a loser. And he always throws parties for like every occasion and ends up being dissapointed by the result. Anyways last year me jessie and linds attended his end of the year party. which was fun. but this year we went to his halloween party annnnd it was pretty fun. lol, besides the ten people that ditched his party. All of which were preps and jocks. so it was me linds, jessie, sarah, mark, george, and 2 of brians friends. lol we (me, sarah, mark, and george) went into the forest by brian's house in the pictch black darkness and found a fort in the middle of it. We took a while to finally get in and sit in there. And once we got out from there lol, ....*ahemsome hot action went onahem*
then when we finally left jessie and linds came running up to us on the verge of tears hugging us because they thought we were dead. lol cause we ..took so long. and we were all hugging and saying sorry and they were so releived we werent murdered. lol. hmm.....back at brians we played a nice little game of "dare." ha, theres this kid there nick james. omfg. he took off his shirt omfg.jfdsklfja i think i must have thrown up and swallowed it. I swear he's pretty fat and it was the most disgusting thing ever. not to be mean or anything. LOL! But seroiusly. lol once he left me linds sarah and jessie (i should just say the girls) were all like "woo! six second abbs relaly worked for him!" and "omg! did you seeeeeee those chizzled abbs?! my god!" then i got kissed on the lips by this..gross kid. LOL. >.< and...on the cheek by brian.....on the lips by brian's neighbor whose in seventh grade..and he just moved here and is really quiet. But he had a headache so i can understand why. lol oh! and then i had to kiss jessie on the lips. Good ol' female action for the guys. heh, um, george and lauren made out ...mark was like trying to stall because for some reason he didnt want to kiss anybody!?
george: mark i dare you to kiss one of these girls
mark: who?
george: i dont give a fuck uh..sarah.
mark: then you and lauren make out
george: no. what the fuck mark just do it.
mark: no, they should raise their hand. one of them.
us: no..thats gay. just kiss somebody. god.
george: dont be a fag mark
sarah: its just a kiss mark.
mark: someone raise their hand.
sarah: FLDSJF GOD! FUCK! IM FUCKING RAISING MY HAND OKAY!? OKAY!? NOW COME ON <----------------has a boyfriend
so he did. and he also kissed lindsey on the cheek. blah blah blah..nothing to interesting..

and just because theres nothing else left to say i'll post the new icons i made. feel free to comment.

dont you mention that its depressionCollapse )

with out you [Oct. 20th, 2004|03:13 pm]
Whats the use in secrets they all end up in lyrics
[Right Now I'm |calmcalm]
[Jam with me |nothing.]

1. In art.
Andy: Hey vanessa, on the track yesterday there was this little six grader that was like, "Hey fuckers! move out of the way!" and chuck turned around and was like, "hey arent you that kid that changes in the stall?!"and the kids like, "I DONT DO THAT ANYMORE!'

2. At lunch.
Maxx: Heyyyy wanna make a dollar?
me: suuuure!
maxx: alright, come on lets go to the bathroom.

3. And, i reeeeally need to redo my live journal. BUT! i would need to get all the html, and crap. and who knows how long that would take

4. i really think im doing better this year in school. last year my mom got teacher confrences with each of my teachers. and they all got together in one class room and discussed how bad of a student i was. -.- well they didnt say that i was, BAD just..disruptive. lol, but i was very bright :D lol, but yeah...i wasnt there, my mom was, so i donno if they said anything good. lol but six teachers talking bad about me, ehhhh thats pretty bad. And i got like 16 detentions last year..so ehhh it wasnt a great year. lol, it was FUN! but, meh.

lol, my friend gave me this picture. Knowing that the both of us would think it was cute. And probablly the rest of girl population. :D and..gay guys of course. and straight guys..if they're cool. lol ANYHOW here it is.


good girls dont...but she does! [Oct. 18th, 2004|09:42 pm]
Whats the use in secrets they all end up in lyrics
[Right Now I'm |sleepysleepy]
[Jam with me |the sound of my stomach growling]

ah it was great. I went to try out for this play with mark. And we signed up on this survey and one of the questions were "what did you wear to this audition" and i wrote down clothes. And for a nickname: jesus. BUT then a little while after we turned the sheets in the lady called us up and was like "we're not accepting teenagers. as you can see there are no teenage parts. there are kids, but those are for like, eight year olds."
so we called his mom and left and once we got in the car mark was like, "mom, its so funny their play is gonna suck. they only have three little kids trying out and they cant even read!" lmfao.
me: mark! hahaha 'its so funny cause they cant read!'
lol, so anyhow we were making fun of the lady there-fran her name is-because she has one normal sized arm and the other looks like its a living tumor. but its just abnormaly HUGE. lol! as we walked into target (running errands with his mom) mark said, "shes really mean. and she like hits her kids."
mark: ahaha!

so, we were looking at cameras cause me and him are really into photography and then we looked through the toys. eventually made our way towards the-dare i say it?-BIKES! lol oman. I jumped on one and he jumped on a...weird looking one.
him: hey its a lowrider!
me: awww i want a lowrider.
so we were riding around the whole store LOL and almost crashed into each other. we found his mom and hes like, "hey missy." and she was on the phone and was like, "go put those back! What? no no, mark and vanessa are riding around on bikes around target, honey."
LOL so on our way back i almost ran into this guy and he sighed loudly to make it clear that he was annoyed. lol, and then we saw this giant frisbee. so we started tossing it around. knocking down several hose..holders..you know, those big light brown holders that hold hoses. lol..yeah we knocked down like 3 of those and his mom was like "what was that?!"
me: er, nothing..
him: we knocked down something.
her: pick it up.
so we did blah blah blah, we kept looking at stuff, trying on hats. he tried on a winter hat i tried on a motorcycle helmet. then we went to jewel, his brothers a bag boy, hes also incredibly hot...with the same big brown eyes..only lighter color..and lighter brown hair..blah..blah...blah. yeah, that was my day.

ohh my arteries. [Oct. 17th, 2004|06:52 pm]
Whats the use in secrets they all end up in lyrics
omfg. i was laughing sooooooooooo hard at dinner.

-everything my dad said was in spanish by the way and when my brother would talk to him.
*my brothers phone ringing-its the theme song to mario*
jorge: what song is that dad?
dad: uhhhh ohhh i know that song! i know that song!
jorge: whats it called?
dad: i know what it is, vanessa tell me what it is.
me: FJKDSAFLKDJASFL;KJ AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAA!! *dying of laughter for like 10 minutes*
dad: its that one song, doo..doo..doooo..doo *sounds NOTHING like it*
me: *laughing harder*
jorge: hahaha, its mario, remember? when you bought me that on nintendo.

and then!
i ate all my chicken fried rice and i like licked my plate clean..
me: *pokes fork at nothing and puts in mouth* MMMM THIS AIR IS SOOOO GOOD!
jorge: Theres so much of it and its soooooo tasty!

*before my dad sat down*
Dad: no one waits for me anymore. so you're not getting up till i finish eating.
jorge: pffffft, its not liek we're a family.
me: i know come on now.

jorge: did you hear that dad, she called me stupid.
dad: dont say that. did i teach you that language?
me: yes.
dad: vanessa, i have NEVER sworn before
me: iiiiiim sure you havent.
jorge: hahaha!
dad: if i hear you use bad language again im going to bring a log, set it on fire, and put it in your mouth.
me: O.O
jorge: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Jorge: look at dads stupid hair.
-theres like this piece of hair in the middle of my dads forehead that just hangs down with like no hair on either side of it-
dad: YEAH! you WISH you had this piece of hair. Walking around chicago "HEY! WASUP GUYS! MY NAME IS JORGE!"

ohhhh and thats why dinner was beautiful.

COMMENT PA-LEASE. lol [Oct. 15th, 2004|10:12 pm]
Whats the use in secrets they all end up in lyrics
[Jam with me |finding westerly]

Finger tips smudged
beneath the paper cup love
on which we all depend
"oh! It’s just too much to pretend!"

Girl: I want to die with a bag of suicide!
Guy: Please now my bride, together we'll run far towards the country side!
Girl: honey, we don’t always get what we want under this neon cloth of carbon monoxide...

Suffocate craving thoughts
you wasted more time to think up things to say in talk
forever a promise ring for thy hand in symbolism
Forever escaping turning to a best friend, alcoholism...
morbid in the heart, evaporation's taking part
Doing its part in stains on high cheek bones
Cigarettes and sex
on the high altitudes of beds
Stay with me please we’ll sing songs of volcanoes in sheets
To inject this cracked floor with passion
to fight the bitterness of your tongue
to exit this bit with such a fashion
baby you'll be having so much fun

its cold
set ablaze your roller blades
that you use to try and escape these escapades
why wont you embrace me
embrace my tormented soul
tattered truth be told!

To inject this cracked floor with passion
to fight the bitterness of your tongue
to exit this bit with such a fashion
baby you'll be having so much fun

every night we sing this song for you [Oct. 14th, 2004|09:34 pm]
Whats the use in secrets they all end up in lyrics
[Right Now I'm |hyperhyper]
[Jam with me |Death cab for cutie-we laugh outdoors]

OMfg, ive been laughing for like, hours now. I'm so freaking hyper. Do you know why? I'll tell you why. I was having a civilized, mature conversation with my friend Jess. And we spoke of important intriguing topics. such as the following:

Well, jess sits in the front of the class surrounded by no body's.
KraYz 4 u 13: i wish i sat by like...u guys. i sit by myself.
StrangerXDanger7: yeah that suck
StrangerXDanger7: s
KraYz 4 u 13: correction :i sit by anthony evancho...who can eat like...6 ppl.
LOL now if you dont know, Anthony is this really big kid. NOW YOU SHOULD NOT READ THIS UPDATE IF
1. you are over protective of fat people
2. you are over protective of black people.

okay, continuing...

KraYz 4 u 13: n he breathes really heavy n stuff...i duno. i just odnt liek my seat lol
StrangerXDanger7: OMG
StrangerXDanger7: OMGOMGOAMGOGMAG *hits head against desk*
StrangerXDanger7: like hes gonna have a heart attack any second!
StrangerXDanger7: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then we moved on, to Jhared. lol. LOL!
KraYz 4 u 13: oman. do u memeber when mrs petrizzo was like 'jharret, do u work at the library?" and hes like "what ? no"
KraYz 4 u 13: lOL!
KraYz 4 u 13: LOL!
KraYz 4 u 13: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
StrangerXDanger7: ahahah
StrangerXDanger7: omfg.
KraYz 4 u 13: lol
StrangerXDanger7: ohhhh my heart.
StrangerXDanger7: lol
StrangerXDanger7: im feeling a bit like anthony
KraYz 4 u 13: lol
StrangerXDanger7: LOL!
KraYz 4 u 13: HAHAHAHHAHAH !!!
theres a few things you should know. Well one mostly. lol theres like 4 black kids in our whole school. :D lol. yep.
anyhow, oddly enough mark started talking about kevin anderson (the black one. theres 2 kevin andersons in our grade. the white one. and the black one.)

 ThE MaRkS VoLtA: do u wanna know wut kevin anderson is being for holloween
StrangerXDanger7: LOL WHITE?!
StrangerXDanger7: lol!!!!!!!!!!!!
StrangerXDanger7: YES
ThE MaRkS VoLtA: a pimp
ThE MaRkS VoLtA: lol
StrangerXDanger7: hahahahahaha
---i was very proud of this burn.-----
anyhow, so then he started talking about hwo in private dining (if you dont know what that is its when you get introuble during lunch and they make you eat in silence in this room full of other kids by the gym)
ThE MaRkS VoLtA: he started singing loud as hell and the office peoiple were afraid to say something cuz hes black
StrangerXDanger7: hahahaha!!!!!
ThE MaRkS VoLtA: the office peoples heads are looking in frightened
StrangerXDanger7: "sir could you, well, i mean, you dont have to but, but could you quiet down?"
*pulls out gun*(
ThE MaRkS VoLtA: hahaha

more stuff went on. but now you see why my head is throbbing and ive been laughin so hard. OH! interesting story.  so, we're playing jeapordy in history and someone chose china as a catagory. History's my last period and i was so fucking hungry so thinking about china i just said, "Mmmmmmm....chicken fried rice." Instantly, mrs. degrazzia started like busting out laughing. And everyone was confused because what the hell was she laughing at!? She was trying to read the next card and she kept bending over laughing so hard and she pointed at me and was like, "did you say that?" and i nodded and she kept laughing and i kinda........giggled akwardly and everyone was staring at me like smiling confused asking, "whatd you say? whatd you say!?" and all i said was chicken fried rice. now heres the weird part like all of a sudden she stopped laughing and was like, "YEAH VANESSA, STOP SAYING WHATEVERS MAKING EVERYONE LAUGH." yelling at me! Yelling at me?! She was the one that was laughing in the first place. Meh, it was satisfying, yet gay. Lol. and thats all i have to say! Hey!

^^ if you didnt notice, that last piece rhymed.

(no subject) [Oct. 13th, 2004|04:52 pm]
Whats the use in secrets they all end up in lyrics

So, pretty boring day today. yep, thats my update.


well just look at this, the sweetest little thing [Oct. 11th, 2004|03:29 pm]
Whats the use in secrets they all end up in lyrics
[Right Now I'm |contemplativecontemplative]
[Jam with me |malcom in the middle]

schedule online or at luna carpet.com! Collapse )

omg you killed kennay. [Oct. 10th, 2004|10:11 am]
Whats the use in secrets they all end up in lyrics
new icons bitches.

if we cut out the bad well then we'd have nothing leftCollapse )

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